Medium Ohi'a leaf earrings gold


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In Hawaiian legend, Pele, the goddess of fire, saw the handsome Ohi'a hard at work and immediately wanted him for himself. She tried to woo him, to no avail. Ohi'a's heart belonged to his stunning lover, Lehua and could not be swayed.

In a rage, Pele turned Ohi'a into a tree. When she saw the despair she caused Lehua by doing this, Pele turned her into the lehua flower, which grows on the ohi'a tree. The two lovers will be together for eternity.

Marcia Asuncion-Ricchiuti was inspired by the love story of Ohi'a and Lehua, and the forest of ohi'a trees surrounding her island home and created her Ohi'a collection.

These finely detailed ohi'a leaf earrings are inspired by the ubiquitous trees found in Hawaii. Vermeil leaves on hand-wrought, 14kt gold-filled earwires.

Model is wearing sterling silver version of these earrings.

Length: just over 1.5" in total length from the top of the earwires.

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